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Affiliate System "CABO WINGS".

  • What is Affiliate system Cabo Wings.
  • How it works.
  • Who can participate.
  • Income from Affiliates Cabo Wings.
  • Getting Started.

What is Affiliate system Cabo Wings.

Affiliate System Cabo Wings is a rewards program for people who promote our services, is focused exclusively on people who to earn money without having to undergo a fixed schedule. The possibilities are immense and full of opportunities for attractive income without neglecting your current activity.

This program provides an opportunity to promote the services anywhere in the Affiliate have may be from your own website, email, Facebook page, Twitter, Blog or by any other means with promoting such services.

We’re sure you managed to have many earnings with this program, and you just have to promote the links of each of services we offer and we manage all services operate to the highest quality that we know offer.


How it works.

In Cabo Wings are creating Affiliate program aiming to push people who need additional income in a simple, practical and comfortable. Our scheme is simple, you create an affiliate account in Cabo Wings, if you have a PayPal account you can use it otherwise you can create one for free in order to receive payments from your rewards.

Once you have registered and activated your account you can generate your custom links to post them where you want. Each of the links are custom made and will be tracked in order to pay the incentives generated.


Who can participate?

Within our Affiliate program Cabo Wings of age anyone can join, the only requirements are completing the application, and have a PayPal account to receive their rewards program, everything will be under review and validation of data provide security to both our participants and Affiliate Cabo Wings and our customers.

Limiting who can participate depends on the age of each country to be considered an adult and you can open a PayPal account in order to receive their generated revenue.


Earnings from Affiliates Cabo Wings.

Being Affiliate Cabo Wings has many advantages , besides being part of this great team of independent work can get very good incentives for every referral that you make directly to our site and make reservations .

The incentive that is being delivered is 3 % of the amount of reservations you do, you will have control of all reservations to be made which are performed by a custom link that you can post where you like you so that you generate visits services advertised.

Payments from the income generated by the Affiliates will be paid every Friday of each week as long as they reach the amount of $ 20.00 USD, if that amount is not met to accumulate for the next week and payment will be made by the amount to be taken into the next cut of incentive payments.

Once you have generated revenue for the minimum payment, you need not do anything automatic payments will be made to PayPal accounts have been entered when registering for the Affiliate program Cabo Wings.


Getting Started.

To start being part of the Affiliate Cabo Wings only have to have a PayPal account to receive your rewards and then go to this link and register


Fill out the application for registration and will soon be activated once personally validate some data, once the process is complete will show a warning that was satisfactory high as Affiliate Cabo Wings.


The first email you receive will be similar to the following text:



Thank you for joining the Cabo Wings Affiliate Program!


Your account must be approved before you can login. Once approved you can log in by using your email address and password by visiting our website or at the following URL:



Upon logging in, you will be able to generate tracking codes, track commission payments and edit your account information.



Cabo Wings



In subsequent emails we will send you information about and instructions to carry out your work as a Member of Cabo Wings.

For any questions or comments regarding our program do not hesitate to call or send an email to: afiliados@cabowings.com indicating your name and email address you registered to the system, we will gladly answer your mail as soon as possible.

Welcome now to this great program Affiliate Cabo Wings.




Cabo Wings Team.